Every pictue tells a story ♥

Every pictue tells a story ♥

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

16th November 2010

Haven't been on here for 6 days, I have been busy busy busy! Which is how I like it :) The girl who caused an argument with me a few days ago said sorry. I thought about quitting college too. Now, I'm not usually a quitter but my course is full of presentations/ role plays/ speeches and so on so fourth; which I never realised until I started studying this course. I am so so so so so scared of doing presentations etc... I can dance in front of 1000 + people without a problem, I can do group discussions but put me at the front of a class doing a presentation I become a nervous wreck! However, I have spoken to my tutor and lecturers about this problem and they are going to give me a professional member of staff to coach me on how to calm my nerves. I am going to give it a go and hope for the best.  I have realised that in life your going to have obstacles thrown at you for as long as you live, and you can try to avoid them as much as you want; but one day that obstacle is going to get in the way and your going to have to face the challenge.

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